Junbi Undō 準備 運動

Preliminary Exercises

My Kyokushin training always starts with a progressive warm-up for a smooth transition from rest to vigorous activity, where each individual part of my body is exercised systematically. Then dynamic stretching exercises are performed to develop stamina and strengthen my muscles. Each practice will then be concluded with the same exercises, as my breathing is regulated and become calm again (Junbi). Before starting with my Kihon, Kata and Kumite training these preliminary exercises are sometimes folowed by supporting exercises to develope endurance, strength, speed and posture (Hojo). In my opinion this part of the training (warm-up in general) should be at least 10 to 20 minutes long to prepare the body for the type of martial arts that lies ahead. My Kyokushin workout finally will be concluded with gradually cool down exercises to restore normal blood circulation and resting metabolism (Seiro). This is also a good time for adding a few static stretches to finish my workout feeling loose and relaxed.

My version of Junbi Undō

In general my method of Junbi Undō will work as long as i use the following functions:

  • increase my body temperature and stretching,
  • conditioning of my main muscle groups, and
  • breathing.

To do so I start with a short period of running (stir my blood and raise my body’s temperature), then tendons and loosens up the joints from the feet to the head (to promote suppleness), followed by dynamic stretching the muscles (which helps and increase the range of motion in the moving parts of the body). Then I build strength and stamina in the major muscle groups of the body and to increase your mental powers of endurance (push ups, sit ups and squats).

Another method which I alternately use, is to dynamic stretch the area then work, strengthen and condition it. After the whole body has been worked, then strength building and spirit exercises like push ups, sit ups and squats can be performed.

An example of Junbi Undō:

  • Short version: Junbi Undō at Budokai Vleesenbeek (in preparation)
  • Long version: My version of Junbi Undō (in preparation)

Over time, this combination of Junbi Undō enabled me to improve continuously the techniques of karate within the range and limits of my mental strength and physical suppleness (and allows me to move more freely and without the stress imposed on a less supple or healthy body). My mind as well, familiar with the limits of the body, is more calm and able to achieve that relaxed state of concentration needed to deal successfully with conflict. The stretching exercises also strengthen my body and develop stamina. I conclude every practice with the same exercises or one of the fundamental kata's: Sanchin, Tensho and Naifanchi, so my breathing is regulated and become calm.

There are ten sets of exercise in Junbi-Undo:

  • Heel Pivot Exercise - Ashi Saki o Agero Undo
  • Heel Lift Exercise - Kakato Agero Undo
  • Knee Ankle Rotation Exercise - Ashikubi O Mawasu Undo
  • Knee Circle Exercise - Hizo Mawasu Undo
  • Leg Lift and Turn Exercise - Ashi o Mae Yoko Ni Nobasu Undo
  • Straight Leg Kicking Exercise - Ashi o Mae Uchi Naname No Agero Undo
  • Waist Scooping Exercise - Tai o Mae Ni Taosu Undo
  • Trunk Stretching Exercise - Koshi No Nenten Undo
  • Double Hand Striking Exercise - Ude o Mae Yoko Nobosu Undo
  • Neck Rotation Exercise - Kubi o Mawasu Undo

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