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Started my Budo career late 70's in Kyokushin with shihan Loek Hollander. In 1984 I became DESHI (accepted student) of Shihan Henny Ruberg at Budokai Hontai, where i learned all the details of Kyokushin (Kihon, Kata, kumite). I had to stop in 1992. At that time it was organized under the umbrella of the IKO (Sosai Masutatsu Oyama).

In my second and recent Budo-career (2016) I learned the new Kata's from shihan Vlado Haljer of the KIKO (Kancho Hatsuo Royama). It was also my first introduction with KOBUDO.

In this period I also became DESHI of Jan Vleesenbeek at Budokai Vleesenbeek. Sempai Ecem Yuksel teached me the new details of the KWF Kata's.

Recently (summer 2018) I became DESHI of Budo Shihan Jan Kallenbach, teacher in Tai Ki Ken, Shin-Ken, Bo-Ken and Bo.

The making of my personal website and in particular the Kyokushin pages is an on-going and time consuming activity. New items occur. Feedback, improvements and new insights need to be added.
Below a list of items under construction (jan 2020).

Written instructions, based on the KAN-version are translated to the the differences within the KWF (version 3):
- Taikyoku Kata (Sokugi, Ura)
- Pinan Kata sono Yon, Go (Ura)
- Gekisai Kata
- Tensho Kata
- Tsuki no Kata
- Seienchin Kata
- Naifanchin sandan

TaiKi Kenpo (Great Energy Boxing) & Yi-chuan (Mind/Intention Boxing).

- Tsuyoshi Hiroshige on his Way of Karate
- Jan Kallenbach sensei, TaiKi Kyoshi master-teacher
- Sawai Kenichi sensei, master in TAI KI KEN
- Kyokushin in the Netherlands.
- Shihan Jan Vleesenbeek.

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The Seven Virtues of Bushido