Ju no Kata sono Ichi Kata - Step by Step

# Explanation
1. Begin the Kata in FUDO DACHI. On the command Ju no Kata sono Ichi execute into YOI DACHI. On the second command HAJIME/ICHI step left forward in 45° in left ZENKUTSU DACHI blocking left JODAN UKE.
2. Turn 135° to the right in right KOKUTSU DACHI blocking right UCHI UKE.
3. Turn 90° to the left in left ZENKUTSU DACHI blocking left CHUDAN SOTO UKE.
4. Punch right CHUDAN GAYKU TZUKI.
5. Step right back 45° (to the right) into SHIKO DACHI blocking right SHUTO GEDAN BARAI (left hand also shuto).
6. Turn body in right ZENKUTSU DACHI (still 45°) striking left JODAN NUKITE.
7. Kick left MAE GERI coming into a HEISOKU DACHI (still 45°) and WAKI KAMAE (fists left in position to make a YOKO GERI).
8. From this position make a right SOKUTU (side) YOKO GERI with a right URAKEN followed by a left ZENKUTSU DACHI and a left HIJI UCHI.
9. Slide with a left Okuri Ashi to the left 180° into KIBA DACHI and punch left JODAN URAKEN (position 45° forward).
10. Step with left foot back (45° - straight forward) into left KOKUTSU DACHI making a right SHUTO mae MAWASHI UKE, inhale and execute MOROTE SHOTEI UCHI, right hand JODAN, left hand GEDAN with IBUKI. The Kata is completed by On the NAORE command move the left foot back into MUSUBI DACHI and the MOKUSO position is retained until the command YASMEE when the FUDO DACHI position is taken.